What is Dolfrog H&S?

We often read or see in social media, news, magazine about working conditions in various places in the world where workplace health and safety does not appear to be a high priority. Poverty is often a reason, lack of education and training another, and corporate or government indifference a third. Even in the United Kingdom, where we can take a certain amount of pride in the strides that have been made towards steadily improving workplace health and safety conditions, we only need to go back a couple of generations, to find ourselves in a time when practices were lax or non-existent in many work areas. It wasn’t all that many years ago that we worked in smoke-filled offices and woe to those who had the audacity to complain. They could, of course, go into the boss’s office, where more than likely he was in the midst of enjoying a good cigar.

So why are you talking about this?

I guess that the first question that you will be asked after reading the article above is why are you saying this? and why did you make this site? Well, as a proper introduction, let me introduce myself. Hi there, I am Delores. I’ve been a health and safety officer for a popular home decorator company in the UK for almost seven years. I decided to make dolfrog as a blog to share some of my knowledge on what it’s like to being a health and safety officer, and at the same time promote awareness about the good benefits of a safe and good workplace. I’m hoping that i might help other people with all of the articles that will be posted here on this site. To all the readers and future readers of this weblog, expect to get a high quality written article about health and safety tips that i will write personally. If you want to contact me, you can contact me here or leave a comments on any of my post.