Got a dog? get a fence….

For the health and safety of your pets you must ensure all safety measures are applied to your home / property. This includes property securing your garden with a sturdy fence. Talking to you with experience as not safely thinking about these things can end up with such heart break and sorrow.

Here is my story….

It was a nice sunny hot day in our tiny avenue, it was like a community of about 50 families all crammed in this tiny road and we all used to sit around the small patch of grass in the centre of our homes. A neighbour has a lovely dog and it was having cute little puppies, I was about 7 at the time and we happened to have got one of those puppies, a male and we named him Max. He was such a lovely little thing and I loved him so much.

We thought it was safe in the garden, it was surrounded by bushes and we didn’t really notice any holes or anyway for little Max to escape atall. This one afternoon I was sat in my living room watching cartoons and I remember a knock on the door. I open the door and a man was stood there holding Max, he was dead. This isn’t supposed to be a full blown story about the fact my little pal Max had died but so that if we prepared and was more safety focused we could of prevented little Max from being hit by a car as it was a whole in the bushes in which he escaped.

At the time I was only young and to be honest I am not going to think about this but maybe my parents should have and blocked up the holes because Max was a puppy and not responsible for his own demise. If you get a pet like Max or any other animal kind then you need to be more prepared. After this forever being in my memory I am now an adult and it sticks in my mind, we recently got a new Puppy and his name is also Max but I wont be making the same mistake again thanks to ND Fencing in Bedford our garden is hole proof and puppy safe.

Think safety before everything! not just your safety but those around you!

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