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Bouncy Castle Safety

Safety to consider when using a bouncy castle hire company

Bouncy castles are unquestionably a popular option for parties. Increasingly inflatables are being used not only for children’s parties but adult ones as well. Perhaps it is the increasing desire of adults to hark back to the days of their childhood or simply to act like kids for an evening. No matter if you are looking for adult bouncy castles or those for minors, there are important safety considerations that should be made whenever you utilize leisure inflatables.

Below I have listed 8 rules you should try to follow when using a bouncy castle or inflatable slide. These rules will not ensure that any accidents occur but they will reduce the risk on occasions and it is better to follow some safety precautions.

1. Ensure placement of the bouncy castle is at least two metres from any dangerous objects such as rocks or trees. It is important in case anyone using the bouncy castle falls off.

2. Remove sharp objects from pockets when using the bouncy castle, users should not be carrying anything such as keys or pens. Having items like these in your pockets could damage the bouncy castle or injure the user.

3. Try to keep the sizes of the users around the same age groups, small children bouncing with teenagers can make bouncing dangerous and unstable.

4. Food and drink should not be on the bouncy castle. Choking hazard is serious and easily avoidable. Adults should not take glasses or bottles onto the bouncy castle as these can break and be very dangerous.

5. Ensure a responsible adult is always present and supervising the users of the bouncy castle. It is very important with adults as once parties go on it can be important to maintain control.

6. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines on the safe number of adults or children allowed on the inflatable at any one time. Too many people using it at once can lead to collision injuries.

7. Items of clothing such as coats, shoes, and spectacles should be removed before use to avoid any dangers.

8. Finally, if it is an inflatable of the walled variety, users should not be allowed to climb the walls. Essentially safe bouncing should be maintained at all times.

These 8 rules should help to keep the usage of bouncy castles safe for all involved. As long as there is a responsible supervisor enforcing the rules everyone should have a good time and any accidents should be kept to a minimum.

With parties regularly incorporating inflatables it is important to understand the responsibilities of having or using bouncy castle hire in Manchester or inflatables for child usage at an event. With a conscientious approach to safety it everyone should have a good time.

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