Health with massage

Many people or even companies recommend health massage to help their bodies from mental and physical pressure. Many work environments can cause issues that can be solved and helped via a health massage. You can find many different types of health massage that are available depending on your symptoms. If you sit in a chair in an office for prolonged amounts of time then there is a massage type for your, if you play sports then you can find yourself a nice sports massage in your area to help with any aches or pains such as leg pain.

If you are in need of a massage for any type of pain then you could find a massage directory. There are many out there from different cities around the country that provide a wide list of massage spas and even out-call masseuse which are available to offer treatment.

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Got a dog? get a fence….

For the health and safety of your pets you must ensure all safety measures are applied to your home / property. This includes property securing your garden with a sturdy fence. Talking to you with experience as not safely thinking about these things can end up with such heart break and sorrow.

Here is my story….

It was a nice sunny hot day in our tiny avenue, it was like a community of about 50 families all crammed in this tiny road and we all used to sit around the small patch of grass in the centre of our homes. A neighbour has a lovely dog and it was having cute little puppies, I was about 7 at the time and we happened to have got one of those puppies, a male and we named him Max. He was such a lovely little thing and I loved him so much.

We thought it was safe in the garden, it was surrounded by bushes and we didn’t really notice any holes or anyway for little Max to escape atall. This one afternoon I was sat in my living room watching cartoons and I remember a knock on the door. I open the door and a man was stood there holding Max, he was dead. This isn’t supposed to be a full blown story about the fact my little pal Max had died but so that if we prepared and was more safety focused we could of prevented little Max from being hit by a car as it was a whole in the bushes in which he escaped.

At the time I was only young and to be honest I am not going to think about this but maybe my parents should have and blocked up the holes because Max was a puppy and not responsible for his own demise. If you get a pet like Max or any other animal kind then you need to be more prepared. After this forever being in my memory I am now an adult and it sticks in my mind, we recently got a new Puppy and his name is also Max but I wont be making the same mistake again thanks to ND Fencing in Bedford our garden is hole proof and puppy safe.

Think safety before everything! not just your safety but those around you!

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Bouncy Castle Hire Manchester Blog 

Bouncy Castle Safety

Safety to consider when using a bouncy castle hire company

Bouncy castles are unquestionably a popular option for parties. Increasingly inflatables are being used not only for children’s parties but adult ones as well. Perhaps it is the increasing desire of adults to hark back to the days of their childhood or simply to act like kids for an evening. No matter if you are looking for adult bouncy castles or those for minors, there are important safety considerations that should be made whenever you utilize leisure inflatables.

Below I have listed 8 rules you should try to follow when using a bouncy castle or inflatable slide. These rules will not ensure that any accidents occur but they will reduce the risk on occasions and it is better to follow some safety precautions.

1. Ensure placement of the bouncy castle is at least two metres from any dangerous objects such as rocks or trees. It is important in case anyone using the bouncy castle falls off.

2. Remove sharp objects from pockets when using the bouncy castle, users should not be carrying anything such as keys or pens. Having items like these in your pockets could damage the bouncy castle or injure the user.

3. Try to keep the sizes of the users around the same age groups, small children bouncing with teenagers can make bouncing dangerous and unstable.

4. Food and drink should not be on the bouncy castle. Choking hazard is serious and easily avoidable. Adults should not take glasses or bottles onto the bouncy castle as these can break and be very dangerous.

5. Ensure a responsible adult is always present and supervising the users of the bouncy castle. It is very important with adults as once parties go on it can be important to maintain control.

6. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines on the safe number of adults or children allowed on the inflatable at any one time. Too many people using it at once can lead to collision injuries.

7. Items of clothing such as coats, shoes, and spectacles should be removed before use to avoid any dangers.

8. Finally, if it is an inflatable of the walled variety, users should not be allowed to climb the walls. Essentially safe bouncing should be maintained at all times.

These 8 rules should help to keep the usage of bouncy castles safe for all involved. As long as there is a responsible supervisor enforcing the rules everyone should have a good time and any accidents should be kept to a minimum.

With parties regularly incorporating inflatables it is important to understand the responsibilities of having or using bouncy castle hire in Manchester or inflatables for child usage at an event. With a conscientious approach to safety it everyone should have a good time.

Bouncy Castle Hire Manchester


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health and safety Blog 

Work Health & Safety

Health And Safety at Work

Health and safety are a primary concern in almost any workplace. Although workplace safety procedures vary from place to place, there are certain universal health and safety guidelines that you should follow. I have been a health safety compliance expert for years, and have studied this in detail. The thing that matters most isn’t whether this or that rule is in place, but whether there is a culture of safety in the workplace. If safety and health guidelines are respected and put above everything else, people won’t get hurt. If on the other hand, people take a lax attitude towards environmental safety, accidents will happen – sometimes with tragic results.

The most important thing is to keep health safety guidelines in the forefront of company concerns

This means that you don’t only deal with health and safety issues once a year when you are getting accreditation reviews by the government. You have to deal with it all the time. If you have a large enough company to afford it, you should appoint a workplace safety expert. If you don’t, you can add it on as a peripheral to someone’s job description. Take one of your other workers who wants to make some extra money and offer to appoint him safety and health compliance chair in exchange for a bonus. Many workers will jump at the chance.

Make sure that every month or so, you have a meeting that deals with health and safety issues. It doesn’t matter exactly how often you do it, as long as you do it regularly. In some workplaces, you have to deal with issues of safety almost every week. In other workplaces, once every other month is probably good enough. The most important thing is to schedule it and post it and allow other workers to voice their concerns at the meeting. That way, you can start to develop a culture of workplace health & safety.

Most importantly, make sure that you post health and safety rules around the workplace. Whether you train your workers once or you train them a hundred times, someone will forget the guidelines at some point. Rather than berating your workers for being forgetful, make sure that they always have access to the guidelines. Put them in a place where everyone can see them and periodically quiz workers on them. Everyone should know the rules, whether it is food safety or proper maintenance and operation of machines. It could save a life.

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Health & Safety at Work First

health and safety

Before you start any decorating work you should always follow health and safety guidelines.

Often referred to as HASAW or HSW, this Act of Parliament is the main piece of UK health and safety legislation. It places a duty on all employers “to ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, the health, safety and welfare at work” of all their employees.

The HSE is the UK government body responsible for enforcing health and safety at work legislation. The HSE also plays a major role in producing advice on health and safety issues, and guidance on relevant legislation. The role of enforcement is split between HSE and local authorities depending on the business sector.

In addition, HSE conducts research into the effectiveness of regulations and other health and safety issues, consults with employers and employees representatives, and advises legislators and government on health and safety.

The HSE website contains a wealth of information and guidance on maintaining health and safety at work, and detailed advice on complying with health and safety regulations.



wallpaper hanging

When is comes to decorating, wallpapering would normally be the last stage of the job, by this time you would’ve almost certainly painted the doors, ceilings, skirting boards first and wallpapering would normally come after. With wallpaper, you can change the colour theme, the texture of your walls and pattern straight away.

With wallpaper nowadays you can get the typical paste the back of the wallpaper or paste the wall and stick the paper on the walls. You would be best to use vinyl when wallpapering a kitchen as you can wipe it clean with a damp cloth.

Tools & Materials / Planning

Move furniture and soft furnishings out of the room and cover anything that cannot be moved with dust sheets. You can paper over most wallpaper if it is in good condition but you should not paper over relief or washable paper, you should remove this. Expect the area/room to get messy.

If the wallpaper that is already there is in bad condition then remove it and line the walls. If the surfaces have paint, you can directly paper over the surfaces but you should wash them with soap first as the walls must be clean, dry and smooth.

How many rolls will I need to decorate my rooms?

Good question, And I can help.

We have provided a simple chart below which you can use to estimate the amount of wallpaper you will need, a standard roll of wallpaper is about 10m long and about 530mm wide. You can use the table below in conjunction with the distance around the room but include windows and doors as this will help and allow for any wastage.

Follow this simple table below to get an idea of how much paper you should need.

Distance around the room Wall height 2.3 – 2.4m Wall height 2.4 – 2.6m Wall height 2.6 – 2,7m
10m 5 5 6
12m 6 6 7
14m 7 7 8
16m 8 8 9
18m 9 9 10
20m 10 10 11

Tip: Make sure to check if you are buying a patterned wallpaper to check the batch number and this will ensure the pattern matches up properly.

Tip: For uneven surfaces, ensure you use lining paper, works the same way as normal wallpaper but you must leave it to fully dry before hanging the wallpaper. This can take 12 hours to dry properly.

Tip: Ensure you hire a professional decorator to do it for complete satisfaction.

Safety Tips & Planning Provided By The Painting Specialist

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